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Sierra Crest Properties is Coming Soon

I call Sandy the day before my road trip. 

“I’m so excited to drive up to Shaver Lake to meet our new agents and see the new office.  I’ll look good too.  I’m wearing a suit and tie.”

“It’s going to be hot up there.  Maybe slacks, dress shoes and shirt might be better.”  She has that tone in her voice where her eyes are rolling.  I can tell.

“For crying out loud, Sandy … I have a pony tail.  I gotta look professional once in a while.”  First impressions are important.

I’m up early.  Shaved, showered and ready to put on the suit and tie.  Unfortunately, my new suits are cut slim.  I’ve gained a tiddle in the middle since SIP.  The slacks are way too tight. I can’t even zip up.

I switch to an older pair of black pleated dress slacks that I can zip up and throw the dress shirt in the cab of my truck.  I don’t bring the coat and tie but I do wear my Stacy Adams Snake Skin Cognac shoes with tassels. Matching belt too.  I have an Italian look going on.

I’m driving up in a sleeveless undershirt wanting to be cool and comfortable until I get there.  No sense using air-conditioning until it gets stifling hot. And it will too!

Two hours and fifteen minutes later I’m passing the Clovis exits.  I’m way too early to meet Sandy so I keep going.  I’ll text her to let her know I’m up the mountain and we can meet at our appointed time in Shaver Lake.

I get to the City of Prather minutes before 10am.  I look around.  Prather is more of a little shopping center village than a city.  But they do have a grocery store and a bank!

I’m in the local bank’s rear parking lot waiting for them to open.  I jump out and grab the dress shirt.  I can’t walk in with only my undershirt on.  Unfortunately, a couple of the bank clerks are at the rear door balcony looking at me.  I didn’t notice them.

“Good Morning.  I’m here to open a new checking account”, as I’m buttoning up the shirt and tucking it in.  I just noticed them.  Of course, my slacks are unbuckled and down a bit.  I like my shirt to lay flat on the lower torso below my waistline then pull up the pants.  They aren’t smiling.  I hope they don’t call the cops.  So much for first impressions.

The unsmiling and cautious bank vice president opens the main door as I walk around to the front.  After about 20 minutes or so at her desk, she warms up to me.  I also noticed no police officers.  I’m safe for the moment.

The VP knows Monica and Tami, our new agents for my new office of Sierra Crest Properties.  She is now smiling.  Suddenly, she lets her hair down.  I couldn’t help to notice.  A very attractive look, I must say.  She’s really nice to me now.

With a new business account ready to go, I head up the mountain to Shaver Lake.  I now have a couple of hours to spare until our 2pm meeting.  I cruise into town, park and walk around.  I do a little shopping, buying gifts for family back home.  The stores in Shaver Lake must be essential businesses.

I’m definitely over-dressed and really don’t fit in around here.  Then I stumbled across a large metal electrical power box with the following words hand-inked on the cover:

Men in Denim Built this Place
Men in Suits and Ties Ruined It

Yikes!  I rush back to my parked truck and hop in.  I lock the doors.  I’m thankful I didn’t wear the suit and tie.

Next time it will be Levi’s, genuine cow-hide belt with a big silver buckle, work boots and to top it off, a baseball cap.  Maybe I’ll wear just the sleeveless undershirt.  Oh, and lift a few weights to bulk-up the biceps and definitely do some sit-ups for that tiddle.  Maybe the ponytail will go too.

I think that look works much better up here.