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Let's Try Something Different

Hello Everyone!

Well … it's been awhile since I sent out our office's Recent News flash.  So here it is!

As you may know, Janeen closed Fargo Court on 2/4 for $650,000.  Congratulations, Janeen!

She also listed 873 South 9th Street in San Jose for $950,000 on 2/14.  AND now in escrow after

12 days on the market!  Congrats to her again.  See attached image and/or MLS (ML81739065). 

What a way to start off the new year!

Ben and I put 814 Martin Street in Monterey in escrow on 1/22 after only a few days on the market. 

Long escrow (45 days) but it appears we'll be closing next week.  Highest price in that

neighborhood, for sure!  We listed at $849,00 but accepted an offer for much more!

Ben's escrow on Rancho Fiesta at 1.1 million is moving along.  Just so you know, 'his buyer'

has removed all contingencies and was prepared to close tomorrow on the 28th.  But seller wanted

the end of March due to advanced bookings on their vacation rental gig and wanted to maintain

their stellar ratings.  Please note 'his buyer'; as he is not only representing the seller but also the buyer. 

Is that a curse or a blessing? ;)

I finally previewed Jakub's future listing in Carmel.  All I have to say is "WOW".  Ultra-modern

with the finest amenities!  Not quite finished yet but awfully close to being completely done. 

Job well done, Jakub!  I'm so proud of him.  If he didn't have a girlfriend, I'd love to introduce him to

my daughter. But they're both 'taken'!

David Demers and Elaine Ramos are preoccupied with family matters and I'm hoping they will be

back in the saddle soon.

Ashley and Leo have been concentrating their efforts on listing their own home in East Garrison. 

I did visit them and what a beautiful property!  Talk to Ashley if you want to help out with an

Open House or two. A foot in the 'marketing' door at East Garrison, if you want? 

Now for me; I've been preoccupied myself!  Remodeling unit B after 8 years of tenant occupancy. 

And of course, I'm getting crazy with making the interior better than my side (unit A).   And yes, I'm

still not done with mine!

My little listing on Judson closed before Christmas and the other little one at 1282 Sonoma early

in January.  Guess where the all money went?  I'm ashamed to tell you that the bathroom in unit B

was way over budget but is it ever nice!

33 Bayview Road in Elkhorn is coming my way.  You can see pics on the MLS as it was sold a few

years back. My recent focus has been in North County and I did go on their monthly Broker Caravan

Tour last week.  From what I've seen so far, 33 Bayview should be an easy sale.  If everything goes

according to plan, we should be on the market by mid-March.  Another fun one for Open House!

Remind me to tell you how I got the 33 Bayview listing.  Clue: I was competing against other agents

but I had nothing but compliments for them.  They had nothing good to say about me!  The

seller was impressed.  I got the listing, they didn't. ;)

1266 Sonoma in Seaside is still in the works … maybe by April 1st?  We did receive one offer as

the 'word' is out but sellers soundly rejected it.  A family member is still in the house and besides,

the 'offer' seemed a tad low to me and complicated (can I say fraudulent?).

I have a new rental in Monterey's Deer Flats.  Nice home for $4,000 a month!  Contact me for

details or go to www.jamesfrangella.com/deerforest.

I think that's it.  Please let me know if any of you have other news to share.

Wishing all of us a prosperous year in 2019!