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Could this be a cool thing?

I sold a house in Auberry (Fresno County) in 2013, which had solar panels.  It appeared to make a lot of sense since the property had a huge detached workshop with a few 220 volt outlets for heavy-duty power tools.  The previous owner was into building lots of wooden stuff, therefore gobbling up lots of electricity.

Both my buyer and I were totally clueless about solar energy but not for long.  I dove into the research.

Funny thing is that now, I see solar representatives at Home Depot, solar company signs all over town and their company cars and trucks cruising all over the place.  Energy-saving systems are definitely green and more and more folks are getting green.

I could go into great detail on my personal opinion about a property’s solar energy panels but suffice to say, I can honestly state that homeowners should stay away from the leased systems, especially IF they are remotely thinking about selling their property sometime in the future.

I pretty much agree with this video clip from The National Real Estate Post and these articles from the New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

 Believe me – nothing is free.  You’ll end up paying for a leased system one way or another in the long run.