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I'm so glad we don't live in dinosaur times!

January 21, 2015

"Oh honey, let's buy this house!  There is only a mama T-rex with her cute babies living in the hills nearby."

A home buyer can spend about a million for a house in Pacific Grove and will have to live with thousands of sea gulls.  A resident could easily be a target for bird poop from the sky.  Read about it HERE.

Spend one point something for a house somewhere near Torres Street in Carmel and you’ll need to deal with an illegal wandering pig.  More HERE.

Then there’s the affordable community of Seaside, where one only needs to dodge bullets from wannabe gangbangers that can’t shoot straight.  Recent article HERE.

Y’know, it’s going to be a tough new year for real estate sales on the Monterey Peninsula.  It seems to me that REALTORS will have more to include on the hundred-page disclosure forms. 

I think it’s time for me to focus my services in Carmel.  This city seems to have a solid plan for the eradication of the pig.  Not so much for Pacific Grove with their sea gull poop and Seaside with their gun-totin’ crooks.  It’s the lesser of three evils.  It's either one pig, thousands of sea gulls or thugs.

I think Seaside's Police Chief, P.T. Myers should use Carmel's plan of action for Seaside's gang problem.  It just might work.  More to follow on my idea.  Stay tuned.