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Can't wait to send this to my attorney to make sure it's legal.


We live on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula.  We have lots of trees and hills.

Because of our recent weather patterns, water has become a valuable commodity.  Unfortunately for us humans, wild animals come down from our local hills and forests in search of a cool drink.  They also like the free food we unknowingly provide.  Deer just love our garden flowers and racoons gobble up pet food left out on the porch.  It has been reported that rodents will nest in the engine compartment of your vehicle.  For some crazy reason, they like to eat rubber, which means your car won’t start.

What kind of wild animals, you ask?  There are deer, raccoons, possums, skunks, field mice and rats to name a few.  There have been sightings of those predators that like to eat them too.  Let’s be thankful that we don’t live in the dinosaur times.

“Honey, there is a huge, salivating T-Rex in our front yard!  It has an eye on Fido.”

Thus, the landlord and property manager can’t do anything about it.  Setting traps are futile and killing them is not an option.

So if living with wildlife bugs you then please find another home to rent.  Or maybe pray for lots of rain so that they can stay up in the hills.


I (we) got it, will suffer wildlife consequences and agree landlord/manager is not responsible if Fido is eaten.

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