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And I don't care either!

Those of you that know me know that I have a complexion issue - which I’ve had for most of my life.  I’ve learned to live with it.  Besides, I’ve never had any trouble with obtaining female companionship. Lots of girlfriends, two ex-wives and a beautiful daughter, all with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. However, shaving every morning can be a life or death experience.

You see, with all those bumps, nooks, crannies, crevices and craters on my face, trying to drag a razor over my skin can be a bloody mess.  Of course, at my age the wrinkles make it even more formidable.  I’m surprised that I don’t bleed to death trying to cut that one tiny facial hair embedded in that deep cavern (one of the numerous I might add) on my cheek.

My favorite razors are the two-edged disposable ones I buy at Costco;  y’know, the blister package with a million razors for a reasonable price.  I have found that I can have a closer shave with a new razor so I use a new one every few days.  There is a lot less blood loss too.  After a few shaves, the dull ones are dangerous.

Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t carry the two-edged ones anymore.  They now have these triple-edge jobs made by Gillette.  And they suck.  These new-fangled razors don’t cut at all, which means I don’t bleed because they don’t shave close enough.  My five o’clock shadow starts at about 11am.  I shaved only a few hours before.  And that unruly hair is still sitting snugly in its crater.

Fortunately for me, I discovered Harry’s on the internet.  Their razor looked so cool and their website is even cooler; I jumped on it and ordered my very first shave kit.  It arrived today.  Wow!  Am I ever impressed and I haven’t even used it yet!

I immediately returned the unused Gillette razors to Costco for a full refund.  I’m the king of returns.  I’ll return anything even after I’ve used it for a couple of years.

I can’t wait for morning to try out my new Harry’s.  I just know it will work beautifully.  However, if you don’t hear from me then you’ll know I’m at the hospital for blood transfusions.  Maybe while I’m there, I’ll schedule plastic surgery.  Maybe I’ll just grow a beard.  Stay tuned.