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Otherwise, you might be on the list.

On August 1st, our California Association of REALTORS will begin publishing the names of agents who are in violation of our Code of Ethics. 

I can’t wait.  You can read all about it by clicking HERE.  See below for a passage from the last paragraph of the article:

“Did you know that most violations are related to advertising violations? However, members surveyed overwhelmingly cite problems with failure to cooperate with other agents (unavailability to show, misrepresent availability, give their buyers priority, failure to present all offers, etc.).  Make sure you know the rules, so your name is not on the list!”

I personally don’t have to worry as I always cooperate with my fellow agents – except for the ones on my B list.  This list contains the agent’s names of those who suffer from O.E. and never returned my calls or even acknowledged receipt of the offers I presented. 

Of course, this was way back in 2008 when all the bank-owned properties were listed with those unprofessional listing agents.  Unfortunately for them, those days are gone.  But for those still in the business, I have not forgotten.  Of course, there are still agents even today that practice shamelessly.  It’s just too bad that CAR is now getting around to doing something about it in 2014.   Where was CAR’s list in 2008?

However, there are one or two still out there.  One in particular has a listing on our MLS.  It was in first place for the longest marketing time with consistent price reductions now totaling 20% of the listing’s original price.  Can you say “over-priced”?  Or what if this agent is on everyone’s B list like he is on mine and no one bothers to show his listings?  Back in ’08 through ‘11, he was the king of unprofessionalism.  Every agent I know complained about him.

I can’t wait.  August 1st is just around the corner.  As a matter of fact, I’m contacting CAR right now to obtain the official complaint form.  Next agent that blows me off will be receiving a phone call from our association’s ethics department.  I’ve had enough of O.E. agents.