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Why I was voted The Coolest Real Estate Broker in Monterey County

Lil’ol’ me with my hole-in-the-wall independent office have actually received offers on my listings from the power house real estate firms of Monterey County.  However, you can usually tell how well any agent pays attention to details by reviewing their purchase agreements.

A broker associate (not an agent but a broker, mind you) from a high-tootin’ Salinas office wrote an offer last year on my listing in Marina.  I received multiple offers because all of my listings are priced to sell.  Oh my, did I just toot my own horn? Am I just as bad as some of my colleagues?  In any case, this broker associate didn’t even have the correct address on the contract.  Not even the right city.  What the ….?

I really had to bite my tongue when I acknowledged the formal presentation of offer and of course, the rejection.  My seller was the one who noticed the incorrect address and was immediately convinced that anybody could become a real estate agent.  However, instead of disparaging this Salinas Broker Associate I actually stood up for her.  I explained that she was so successful and so busy that her secretary was having a bad day and wasn’t paying attention.  Unfortunately for her buyers, they didn’t even stand a chance.  My seller had other offers to choose from … with the correct address.  My seller thinks I’m too cool.

In 2012 I received an offer on one of my listings from one of the most successful agents from the most prestigious real estate firm on the Monterey Peninsula.  I was truly honored to receive an offer from her.  She is a super star in our real estate community ... drives a big expensive car too.

My Carmel Valley investor/seller noticed a few omissions and errors including the wrong parcel number.  Instead of agreeing with my seller’s disparaging remarks about super star’s lack of attention to details – I stood up for her.  I explained that she was so successful and so busy that her assistant must have been rushed and didn’t have time to get it right.  Fortunately for her buyer, I “cleaned up” her purchase agreement with a counter offer for acceptance.  The embarrassed super star thinks I’m cool.

A few years ago I was in a transaction with a full-blown, acronym-to-the-hilt agent from over the Hill.  With all the seminars and training under her belt, she must have missed the session about email having the basic elements of a contract.  I politely and with all due respect, tried to explain that to her before she sat me down to mediation with our Board’s attorney.  Sad part was that her principal did not even see the message she alone generated, which obligated him to a contractual provision.  You should have seen both their faces when the attorney said they didn’t really have a leg to stand on.  Ooops. 

But since she is pretty and I’m a cool dude, we decided to split the disputed amount and everybody was happy.  It was peanuts really and actually not worth the time spent dealing with it.  She still likes me, I think?

No wonder I was voted the coolest real estate broker in Monterey County.  Toot!  Toot!