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“Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips.” – Proverbs 27.2

Ring!  Ring!  Ring!  I decide to call my daughter in LA.

“Hi, Daddy!  What’s up?”

“Hi, Sweetie.  Who’s the coolest real estate guy you know?”

“Da-a-a-d, don’t be silly.  You are, of course.”

“Thanks, Honey.  Talk to you later.  Love you.”

“Love you too.  Bye”.  Click.

That was easy.  I call a binder full of my friends, clients, and colleagues.  Same question with always the same answer.  I even call my two ex-wives.  They were hesitant at first until I reminded both that their answer depended on how quickly they would receive their alimony checks this month. Just kidding - I don’t pay any alimony.  I’m still friends with them but without any benefits, of course.

I figured this tactic was fair.  No doubt, all the other “nominees” were doing something like that during the County Weekly’s annual Best of Monterey County poll awards program.  If I’m going to be bad then I might as well be really bad.  Allow me to blow my own horn please.  I was just voted The Coolest Real Estate Broker in Monterey County.

Which brings me to those real estate agents that are NOT awarded the title of best in their field but still blow their trumpets.   I’m especially green with envy of those agents that have the alphabet soup of designations.   Some have attended so many seminars and training programs that more than half of their message’s space on my screen is taken up with the long list of acronyms following their names.  I wanna do dat too!

Since I’ve been voted The Coolest Real Estate Broker in Monterey County, which by the way, I made up my own category, hustled my own votes and paid for my own ad in the Weekly (they gladly accepted my money) – I also decided to create my own designations.  I bet you can’t wait for me to sign off on this commentary to see what all I’ve accomplished in my real estate career.

But before I do, I need to address some real estate agents’ concepts of self-importance.  They’re so good that they need to tell everybody how good they are; how much they’ve sold, how many listings they have and/or what a big fancy office they belong to.  But honestly, I’ve done business with the big boys and they can at times smell as badly as everybody else.  Believe me.  Read Part 2.

It’s real easy for lil’ ol’ me to compete with the big boys.  I don’t have a gazillion listings or a huge staff of assistants and secretaries.  My sellers and landlords are not just a number.  I do provide very personalized and stellar service to my few privileged clients.  Gasp!  Did you read that correctly?  Privileged?  Yes, they should feel privileged to have me as their broker as I feel privileged to work with them.  They are the chosen few.

Here I am telling you how good I am – I’m just as bad as some of my other self-important colleagues.  But I can’t help it.  I am really the coolest broker in Monterey County.   Everybody tells me so ... even other agents.

CalBRE # 01062212

2014 Coolest Real Estate Broker in Monterey County
2013 Circle of Coolness
2012 Top Producer of Cool
2011 Highest Honors DEGU Award
2010 CBK Circle of Tenacity
2009 LTMM Club – 1st Place

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