James Frangella, Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove real estate specialist
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Monterey real estate, James Frangella
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ABC – Always Be Calm, Collective and Cool

ARI – Always Right Institute

CBK – Come Back Kid

CDOE – Coolest Dad On Earth (my daughter told me so)

DEGU – Don’t Ever Give Up

ISTD – I Surf They Don’t

IAAMB – It’s All About Me, Baby

KAKOS – Knows All Kinds Of Stuff

KHTS – Knows How To Spell (expert in using SpellCheck too)

KTWST – Known To Wear Suit & Tie (only if I absolutely have to, mostly I wear wetsuits)

LTMM – Lost The Most Money (in the economic downturn of 2008)

PATD – Pays Attention to Details (except when I won the LTMM award)

SEO – Speak English Only (not smart enough to speak other tongues but smart enough to hire someone who does)

TCD – Totally Cool Dude

TOE – Ton O’ Experience (25 years to be exact)


More to follow as I accomplish more (takes a bit of effort to make this stuff up, y’know)