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The technology is available so why aren’t we using it?

It seems so simple really.  Equator, Hubzu, and HomePath are on it and have been for the last couple of years.  I know of two agents already that are using either RioGenesis or MyListingsManager for offer submissions.  Make that three.  I’m now using my own version.

There is no question in my mind - I’m embracing online submission of offers.  It is so cool.  And it’s just a matter of time that every REALTOR will realize the ease and quickness of 2OS for presenting offers to sellers.

Imagine the one question all buyers’ agents have.  Was my offer even presented to the seller?  If so, how do I know for sure?  Honestly, I’ve yet in 23 years to receive page 8 of the purchase agreement where the listing agent even acknowledged the Presentation of the Offer paragraph. 

Return phone call from the listing agent?  Forget it, never a ring back with most agents except for the very few.  And those very few happen to be on my A list, if I might add.  So the purchase agreement is sent via email and we’re left wondering what is going on with our buyers’ offer.

Ring, ring, ring.  I pick up the call.

“Hey James, what’s up with our offer we wrote the other day?”

"Fudge if I know!"  My frustration is evident in my reply.  The dissatisfaction is not directed at my buyers but at the listing agent who has not returned my call or my email inquiry.  By the way, I’m not alone.  No return phone calls or emails from listing agents are the No. 1 complaint in our industry.  No. 2 is verification for presentation of offers.  That's nationwide, too!

So … as a listing agent, I’m having the buyers’ agents submit their offers online through my listing’s website.  At the stroke of the key, the offer is submitted directly to the seller and me, of course.  Also the buyers’ agent receives a confirmation of delivery immediately.  I now have lots of time to jump on the phone to have a WAF conversation with the agent.

On August the 16th at the Monterey County Board of REALTORS office in Del Rey Oaks at 11:30am to 12:30pm, I will conduct an Open Forum and Discussion on this very topic of Online Offer Submissions (2OS).  Lunch will be served.  FREE, naturally!

Please RSVP by the 14th if you will be attending so that I know how many Subway sandwiches to order.