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"We were told to lie", testifies a former BofA processor.

I have a new listing coming up in Marina.

The homeowner's mortgage holder is Bank of America. They have been trying for several months to do a loan modification.  They applied, were approved and after the first two payments - they’re rejected and payments sent back.

They just received an over-night package from Bank of America. It contains another application for a loan modification.

They call me to discuss selling their home. They're throwing in the towel.

I can't blame them really. Click HERE to read a recent article about the banksters at Bank of America.

I don't mess with loan modifications as it’s definitely not my area of expertise. Short sales - yes. Loan mods - no.

It is very difficult to practice real estate with the highest level of integrity when we have to do business with crooked banks.  It doesn't help either when the bad guys are sleeping in the same bed with our government. 

Don’t believe me?  Check out the 2010 award winning documentary Inside Job directed by Charles Ferguson.  By the way, the DVD is worth buying as it's something you can watch again and again.

However there will be a happy ending for my sellers in Marina.  I’ll sell their home and they’ll walk away with some cash.  More importantly, they won’t have to do business with Bank of America anymore.