James Frangella, Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove real estate specialist
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Monterey real estate, James Frangella
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There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind.

I love this little town of Auberry.  Daddy Joe’s coffee shop has an espresso machine!  Not exactly Starbucks but I’m OK with that.

“How do you like our town,” asks the sweet young barista?  She can’t be more than eighteen but I know she's sharp as a tack.  She knows immediately I’m not from these here neck of the woods.  I have the beach attire going on.  Next time I'll bring jeans and a white t-shirt and ... boots.  Gotta get rid of the flip flops.

“I wouldn’t mind living up here but there’s no surf.”

“They surf up at Shaver Lake”, she quickly replies.

Seriously?  Surf at a lake?  I notice a mirror on the wall behind her.  I step aside a few inches to look at myself.  Do I look stupid?

“Uh, I couldn’t help to notice a large animal’s footprint imbedded in the cement walkway out front.   Do you folks serve bears?”  I’m really nervous 'cause I know bears live up here.  “Do they prefer lattes or mochas?”  I try to be funny.

“Oh, that’s not real."  A smirk suddenly appears on her pretty face.  I step aside to look at myself again.  Yep, now there is no question.   I do look stupid.

I’m back up in the foothills 40 miles outside of Fresno after my first trip two weeks ago.

At that time, Mary and I were merrily coming down from the mountain happily following Susan to her new listing.  She happens to be the queen of Auberry real estate.  It was truly a miracle to have met her. 

As soon as we pulled into the driveway of Susan’s listing, Mary’s eyes pop out and her jaw drops to the floor.  Even before we come to a full stop she said, “I want this property!” 

I tell you, that is music to a real estate agent’s ears.  I hear the cash register going off in my mind.  Cha-ching!  Real estate is definitely a God thing.

I say a short prayer promising Him two percent of my commission if He makes this deal come together.  I felt a sharp pain in my chest so I quickly retracted with a counter and upped it to 10%.  Suddenly, I felt much better.  I should know to never negotiate with Him.

We’re there not even 30 minutes and we’ve made the offer.  We are so done.  Time to head home.  This was too easy.  However, I have a feeling He is going to put me through some trials and tribulations.

It gets more difficult as the story continues …