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Did you read the Saturday morning edition of The Herald? 

That was a wake-up call for me, for sure.

I jumped on it right away and informed the agents under my broker’s license.  I gotta make sure they are paying attention to their business.  As a matter of fact, I just created a test based on the article and ordered everyone to take it.  It’s due in a couple of days.

They were totally flabbergasted.  “Seriously?  What happened to our very generous, free-spirited, super laid-backed, church-going, pony-tailed, surfer-dude broker?”

“I’m so serious”,  I dryly replied. “So much so that if you fail, you’re outta here”.  I love being a real estate broker.  However, the controlling power can be overwhelming at times.

So I got to thinking that maybe my dear colleagues and associates from the other real estate offices would like to give my test a try.  If so ...

The rules:

1. Read the article in The Herald.
2. Download and print THE TEST.   
3. Fill in your name where indicated (if you dare).
4. Circle the letter for the best answer.  Only one answer will do.
5. Complete the blanks in Question 6.b. and 6.c. even though that may not be the one you choose.
6. Get it back to me within 3 days of acceptance (inside pun).

The delivery method of your completed test is also part of the program.  You’ll be severely penalized if you even think of calling me.  You know what to do.

Results will be posted on my Wall of Fame or Shame depending on your circumstances.

Isn’t this fun?