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They go hand in hand.  And, OMG do I ever have something to say about that!

I've attended two of Seaside's Gang Awareness Presentation meetings at the Oldemeyer Center.  I found it informative but left with one important question unanswered.  Actually the question was asked by one concerned citizen in the audience but the speaker skated around the answer.

“Where do these gang members live?” 

“All over the Peninsula,” replied the Gang Task Force representative.

Not the answer I wanted to hear.  But easy enough to know, which brings me to present my answer so that Seaside residents can be made more aware but more importantly, what we can do to protect our community, neighborhoods and property values. 

I’m really concerned about the stray bullets flying all over the place without hitting the intended target.  It appears these very clueless bangers are not very good marksman either.   They spend absolutely no time at our local shooting range.  Their lead hit just about everything else including parked vehicles and habitable homes.  It’s just a matter of time before some innocent child or neighbor receives a stray bullet ... in their body.

Granted our awesome Police Chief is doing an outstanding job in making arrests and getting them off the streets.  Unfortunately, after spending some time in the pokey, they come back.  And they come back home, which generally means to mommy and daddy’s house.  So happens, that mommy and daddy live right next door to me. 

In all likelihood, the firecracker sound of guns and stray bullets whizzing in the air will happen again soon.  But I'm not calling the police.  Instead, let’s contact the property owner of where the banger’s parents live.  Drop the landlord a friendly letter to inform them of their tenant’s situation and the liability they may incur if their tenants cause any damage to our neighborhood.  Believe me, it seems to work.  Landlords do not want blood on their hands … or worse, a lawsuit.   My street is quiet and safe now.

Nothing is sacred with the internet.  I know where they live.  I also know who the property owners are.  I’m building a data base of those arrested and clueless individuals, which will be on a web driven platform.  Concerned citizens will then have an effective method to preserve enjoyment in their homes and of course, raise the desirablity factor for their neighborhoods.

There is a solution to this madness and you don’t need to live next door to it.  You don’t even have to move.  They do.

Stay tuned for more information.  I have lots to say about this.  And I'm not afraid either.  This county was not built on fear.