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JACK Real Estate is alive!

As the monster slowly moves it's fingers, Dr. Frangellastein insanely screams, "It's alive!  It's alive!"

What started as a satirical commentary is now reality.  I’ve actually been thinking about the concept for a few years and seriously thinking about it these last few months.  I’ve decided to go for it.

I filed a fictitious business statement with Monterey County and with the California Department of Real Estate.  I’ve designed the logo, signs and begun the framework for the website.  Oh, this is so exciting.  I can barely sleep at night.

However … there is one small bump in the road. The Department of Real Estate is not too happy with my new company’s name; Jack.  At first I thought they actually read my first commentary for JACK Real Estate.  But then I thought that was highly unlikely as nobody reads my website anyway.  As it turns out, the DRE wanted to be sure that I wasn’t using somebody’s real name for the company name.  Well, nobody under my broker’s license is named Jack and I’m sure there must be a licensed real estate agent somewhere in California with the first name of John but is referred to by his nickname, Jack.   But I didn’t name JACK Real Estate because of some dude by the name of Jack.

So … the DRE asked for a statement from me to assure them that I know of no one named Jack.  I didn’t feel quite comfortable with telling them the truth about the concept of my new real estate company, which basically provides less service for less cost.  And I do … well, I do jack.  Hence, the name of my new firm.

JACK Real Estate is alive.  A fully automated web-based portal acting as a quick, low-cost marketing tool for equity sellers and investors of real estate.  Call me directly if you want to know more or if you are vaguely interested in saving thousands and thousands of dollars in selling costs.