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Monterey real estate, James Frangella
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Ring, ring, ring.

“Yikes Property Maintenance, may I help you?”

“When can you come over to change my light bulb?”

“We have an opening on Monday of next week and we might be able to fit you in”, replies the receptionist at Yikes Property Maintenance.

“Yikes”, exclaims the disappointed customer.  “That long, huh?  Well, I guess so.  By the way, how much do you charge?”

So this imaginary conversation abruptly ends because you really don’t want to know how much Yikes Property Maintenance charges to change light bulbs, let alone the fact that the customer will be living in the dark for a few days. 

You see, I am a rental property manager.  I have some issues with getting work done on my landlord’s rentals.  Believe it or not, there is quite a bit of work to do in preparation for the home’s inclusion on the rental market.  This is also true for homes that are for sale.  My landlords and property owners hire me not only to manage but also take care of details.

So I need to hire other companies to complete tasks such as hauling trash, installing smoke detectors, fixing drippy faucets and wiggly electrical outlets.  Of course, I want it done at the snap of my fingers and the owners want it done cheaply.  Here is where my problem lies; can’t seem to get this done.

I’ve had enough of them telling me “we’ll be there sometime maybe next week” or me asking “What the fudge is this charge for?”  That’s it.  I’m so done with the likes of Yikes Property Maintenance companies.

I’m starting my own.  And I have a cool name for it too.  Are you ready?  Here it is:

GET ‘ER DONE Property Maintenance Company

Our mission statement:  “If you want it done next week, call somebody else.”

I’m so stoked and have so much to do to get this new company off the ground, you’ll need to stay tuned for more information.  I hear the phone ringing already.