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Posted by James Frangella on April 7th, 2011 @ 3:00pm

I'm not sure what's in store for the real estate market here on the Peninsula in 2011.  But one thing is for sure and that is - houses are still selling.  The prices that they're selling for is where I'm totally clueless.

The first three months of 2011 are behind us now.  The trend appears to be declining but then it's still early in the year to come to any real conclusions.  Click HERE to see the most recent sale averages as of the first quarter.

The market is hot and multiple offers can be the norm in some neighborhoods.  Don't think that because the sale averages have been declining over the previous months, you can pick up a bargain in just any neighborhood.

A potential buyer needs to check the bottom.  Sort of like when my urologist asked me to pull down my trousers so that he could "check my bottom".  You see, he needed to look there to see what was happening with my entire physical condition.  So he tells me.  I was hoping he could look down my throat instead but that wasn't the case.

Same thing with real estate.  You got to check out the bottom for any deciding factors.  I call this concept the Area Specific Statistics.  ASS for short.  No pun intended.

I'll be writing about our local real estate market's ASS in the next week or so.  Please stay tuned.